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  1. Reading materials 30 items
    1. You must buy: 2 items
      1. Introduction to the English legal system, 2012-2013 - Partington, Martin c2012

        Book Suggested for student purchase You must purchase this book.

      2. Britain unwrapped: government and constitution explained - Barnett, Hilaire 2002

        Book Suggested for student purchase For those of you who are international students and have no familiarity with British government we recommend purchasing this book and an up to date introductory book on British politics.

    2. Books to consult: 6 items
      1. You should consult constitutional and administrative law text books. You do not need to buy one – you can refer to them in the library.   If you want to buy you can get hold of second hand copies quite cheaply. If you do this, make sure you buy the latest editions. Law changes rapidly!

        We recommend:

      2. Constitutional and administrative law - Bradley, A. W., Ewing, K. D. 2010

        Book Recommended (Should Read)

      3. Public law: text, cases, and materials - Le Sueur, A. P., Sunkin, Maurice, Murkens, Jo Eric 2010

        Book Recommended (Should Read)

      4. British government and the constitution: text and materials - Turpin, Colin, Tomkins, Adam 2011

        Book Recommended (Should Read)

      5. Constitutional & administrative law - Barnett, Hilaire A. 2011

        Book Recommended (Should Read)

    3. If you want to read more widely: 1 item
      1. The changing constitution - Jowell, Jeffrey, Oliver, Dawn 2011

        Book  a stimulating starting point. Borrow it from the library

    4. Seminar 1 – Introducing Public Law 1 item
    5. Seminar 2 – Foundations of Liberal Government: John Locke 2 items
      1. The second treatise on civil government - Locke, John 1986

        Book  Read the extracts from John Locke’s The Second Treatise of Government in your materials pack. Other editions available in library.

      2. The second treatise on civil government - Locke, John 1986

        Book  You should read the extract from the The Second Treatise not only for the information contained on the face of it, but for what it tells you about the time in which Locke is writing

    6. Seminar 3 – What is public? What is private? And why does the difference matter to public lawyers? 4 items
      1. We want you to read the headnote to the House of Lords decision in YL, paragraphs 38 – 48 in which Baroness Hale very clearly set out the facts of the case, the introductory and concluding paragraphs to each of the opinions ( Bingham paras 1 & 2 and paras 19 & 20; Scott   paras 21 & 22 and paras 33 – 35; Hale paras 38 – 48 (which you have already read) and 73 -75; Mance paras 76 – 78 and para 123; Neuberger paras 124 – 126 and para 170   and two opinions in full – one from the majority and one from the minority.

      2. Chapter 3 of The Meaning of Public Authority under the Human Rights Act  Ninth Report of Session 2006–07 Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR). You will find this Report on moodle.

      3. European Human rights law review

        Journal  • Read a case note on YL, for instance ‘YL v Birmingham City Council: contracting out and "functions of a public nature"’ Alexander Williams. E.H.R.L.R. 2008, 4, 524-531 (you can link to this via Westlaw)

    7. Seminar 4 – Which Public? What Rule of Law?: Bancoult v Foreign Secretary (2009) 2 items
      1. Read the reasons for judgment of Lord Hoffman in the Materials Pack.

      2. Read the dissenting judgment of Lord Bingham – in Materials Pack.

    8. Seminar 5 – Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Limits of Democracy 1 item
      1. From your Materials Pack read the judgments of Lord Bingham, and Lord Steyn in Jackson and others (Appellants) v. Her Majesty's Attorney General (Respondent) [2005] UKHL 56. 

    9. Seminar 6 – The Role of the State: Minimum or Maximum 2 items
      1. The culture of control: crime and social order in contemporary society - Garland, David 2001

        Book  Read chapters in your Materials Pack from David Garland, The Culture of Control: Crime and Social Order in Contemporary Society;

      2. A brief history of neoliberalism - Harvey, David, Dawsonera 2005

        Book  chapters in materials pack

    10. Seminar 7 – Policing demonstrations in the United Kingdom 2 items
        1. Read the House of Lords decision Austin v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2009] UKHL 5 [2009] 1 AC 564
        2. Read the ECtHR decision Austin v UK  15th March 2012
        3. Read R (on the application of Moos and McClure) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2011] EWHC 957 and the Court of Appeal decision, R (McClure and Moos) v Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis [2012] EWCA Civ 12
        4. Of kettles, cordons and crowd control – Austin v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis and the meaning of 'deprivation of liberty' David Mead European Human Rights Law Review
        5. Helen Fenwick: An appeasement approach in the European Court of Human Rights?

    11. Seminar 8 - Human rights and their limits 7 items
      1. Revise the work you did for the English Legal System on human rights. Re-read A Guide to the Human Rights Act 1998: Third Edition, Department of Constitutional Affairs in conjunction with the European Convention on Human Rights 1950 and the Human Rights Act 1998

        Read Lord Bingham's lecture 'The Rule of Law and the Sovereignty of Parliament' which is in available online on Moodle.

        Read Lord Bingham's judgment in A v SSHD [2005] 2 AC 68 (Belmarsh Case). This judgment lies at the heart of our study of human rights in this course. Read it very carefully. You will be helped in this task by the guide to reading the case which is on the module webpages.

        Re-read YL v Birmingham City Council [2007] 3 W.L.R. 112 which you first looked at in week 2.

      2. Human Rights and the British Constitution - Lord Lester, Kate Beattie


      3. Horizons of Horizontality - HRW Wade 2000


      4. Cases and materials on constitutional and administrative law - Allen, M. J., Thompson, Brian c2011

        Book Core (Must Read) Ch. 7 – pp. 494ff

  2. Seminar 9 – Torture and the Rule of Law 2 items
    1. A v SSHD [2006] 2 AC 221 (Torture case) (Materials Pack)

    2. Tales of Terrorism and Torture

      Chapter Core (Must Read) Also found in materials pack

  3. Seminar 11 - Thoburn -v- Sunderland City Council [2002] EWHC 195 (Admin), [2003] QB 151 1 item
    1. Read and prepare a case note on Thoburn -v- Sunderland City Council [2002] EWHC 195 (Admin), [2003] QB 151.

  4. Seminar 12 - Parliamentary Sovereignty and the European Union 7 items
    1. Thoburn -v- Sunderland City Council [2002] EWHC 195 (Admin), [2003] QB 151. This will of course be a re-reading ( in materials pack 2)]

      Adam Tompkins, Public Law OUP 2003 pp 108-125 (in materials pack 2)

       Re-read Lord Bingham lecture 'Sovereignty and the Rule of Law' (in  materials pack 1)


  5. Seminar 13 – Devolution 10 items
    1. Devolution, Westminster, and the English Question - Brigid Hadfield 2005

      Article  also in materials pack

    2. Home : Scottish Parliament

      Webpage  Browse the following websites:

    3. Guardian Focus podcast: Disunited Kingdom? | World news |

      Webpage  Listen to the podcast ‘Disunited Kingdom ?’ Guardian

    4. Further Reading 5 items
  6. Seminar 14 – Introducing judicial review 2 items
    1. Council of Civil Service Unions v Minister for the Civil Service [1985] AC 374,

    2. Further Reading 1 item
      1. GCHQ revisited - Sir Louis Blom-Cooper, Richard Drabble


  7. Seminar 15 – Standing 5 items
    1. Inland Revenue Commissioners v National Federation of Self-Employed and Small Businesses Ltd. [1981] 2 W.L.R. 722 [1982] A.C. 617

    2. Regina v H.M. Inspectorate of Pollution and Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food [1994] 2 C.M.L.R. 548

    3. Further reading 1 item
      1. R v Secretary of State for the Environment, ex p Rose Theatre Trust [1990] 1 QB 504

         R v Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs       ex p World Development Movement Ltd [1995] 1 WLR 386

        R v Somerset County Council and ARC Southern Ltd, ex p Dixon [1997] JPL 1030

  8. Seminar 16 - Grounds of Review - irrationality and Proportionality 5 items
    1. Read the following cases from your case pack:

       1. Wheeler v Leicester City Council (1985) – per Lord Ackner in the Court of Appeal ([1985] 2 All ER 151), and Lord Roskill in the House of Lords ([1985] 2 All ER 1106)

       2. R (Daly) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2001] 3 All ER 433

       3. R (on the application of McDonald) v Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea   [2011] UKSC 33


    2. Additional Cases 1 item
      1. § Gough v Chief Constable of the Derbyshire Constabulary [2001] 3 Weekly Law Reports 1392 (read only para. 70-81)

        § R (P) v Secretary of State for the Home Department; and R (Q) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2001] Weekly Law Reports 2002 (this is a long case and not all of it is relevant for you, so selectively read the sections on 'proportionality')

        § R v Cambridge Health Authority, Ex p B [1995] 2 All ER 129

        § R v Secretary of State for the Home Dept., ex p, Brind[1991] 1 AC 696

        § R v Ministry of Defence, Ex p. Smith [1996] QB 517 (CA)

        § Smith and Grady v United Kingdom (1999) 29 EHRR 493

        § R v Chief Constable for Sussex, ex p International Trader's Ferry (ITF) [1999] 2 AC 418

        § R v Secretary of State for the Environment, Transport and the Regions, ex parte Alconbury [2001] UKHL 23 51

    3. Textbooks 3 items
      1. Administrative law - Craig, P. P. 2012

        Book  ch 18

      2. Law and administration - Harlow, Carol, Rawlings, Richard, Daswsonera 2009

        Book  Ch 3

  9. Seminar 17 - The role of parliamentary inquiries 5 items
    1. Law and administration - Harlow, Carol, Rawlings, Richard, Daswsonera 2009

      Book  ch 13

    2. What went wrong on Bloody Sunday: a critique of the Saville Inquiry - Sir Louis Blom-Cooper 2010

      Article  in materials pack

    3. In the full glare of English Politics: Ireland Inquiries and the British State - Bill Rolston, Phil Scraton 2005

      Article  in materials pack

  10. Seminar 18 – ‘A Debt of Honour’ and the limits of administrative justice 4 items
      1. Parliamentary Ombudsman Special Report on Wartime Detainees (Moodle)
      2. Challenging the Authority of the Ombudsman: The Parliamentary Ombudsman's Special Report on Wartime Detainees Richard Kirkham (2006) 69(5) Modern Law Review 792 – 8181 (in your materials pack)
      3. R (Association of British Civilian Internees: Far East Region) v Sec of State for Defence [2002] EWCA Civ 473; [2003] QB 1397 (in your materials pack)

    1. Law and administration - Harlow, Carol, Rawlings, Richard, Daswsonera 2009

      Book  ch 12

  11. Seminar 19 – Constitutional Reform – a British Bill of Rights? 1 item
    1. Read the following articles and prepare summaries of their arguments. Be prepared to debate the question of a British Bill of Rights in your seminar. All these materials are in your packs. 

       Joint Committee on Human Rights    A Bill of Rights for the UK? Twenty–ninth Report of Session 2007–08

       Interim Advice from Commission on a Bill of Rights  (note that when these seminar notes were prepared the full findings of the Commission had not been published. Please ensure that you check the website of the Commission to find its latest publications.

       The Response from Liberty to the proposal for a British Bill of Rights

       Response to Commission on a Bill of Rights Discussion Paper: Do we need a UK Bill of Rights University of Cambridge Faculty of Law November 2011

       Why We Need a British Bill of Rights  Geoffrey Robertson QC

      January/February 2010 Standpoint

       A British Bill of rights? Sounds great until you remember we are in Europe Mark Elliott Parliamentary Briefing on line 28th April 2011

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